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I’m huge on tracking my work and results. One of the motivating things about tracking the books you read, the blog posts you’ve put up, the exercises you do, is that these things are measurable. I try to set my goals this way, because I can track and measure my progress. Tracking your results, particularly if they are goal-oriented, is key to achieving anything.

If you want to lose weight, you have to track what you’re eating and what you’re doing for exercise. There is no other way. At least we haven’t figured out one. Ever notice how many weight-loss apps, food tracking apps, and all the rest are out there? It’s because you have to track things to see how you are doing. Make sense?

So today, as you move through your week, take a moment to see what you are measuring and what you are not. It is likely that the things you are not measuring are goals you have set for yourself that can’t be measured–a big no no, if you are trying to improve yourself. This is why I use SMART goals when I set my goals for the year. The M stands for measurable. There is no other way to pursue a meaningful goal. You have to have the capability of measuring it, and YOU have to decide what measures you are looking at. Let’s say you have a goal of reading so many books a year. Easy. Write down that goal and check off a number each time you finish a book. If you want to lose weight, the same thing applies–weigh yourself once a week, and track what you are eating and how much exercise you are doing. Easy-peasy.

The key is selecting goals and determining how you are going to track and measure them from the get-go. If you can easily determine your progress on something, you’ve done it right. If not, you’ll have to tweak your goals so you really know what you are shooting for. One of my goals if blog followers. This is easy to track, because WordPress tells you every day who has followed your blog and how many followers you have. This goal is trackable. The key difference is WordPress does the tracking for you.

I hope this makes sense, folks. Measurable goals are the way to go. It is the only way to truly know where you are making progress or not. When you identify a goal that is not moving or making progress, you can either put more effort into it, or decide to put that goal on hold for a bit. Perhaps you’re no longer motivated by that goal, or perhaps it requires an effort that you just do not want to commit to. The key to all this is to set a measurable goal, track your progress, and adjust your efforts based on your tracking.

One of my friends, K.M. Allan, uses a whiteboard to track all of her writing goals for the week. This is a great system! I am more digital, but the process is the same. You have so many things to do, and you have to have a plan and a way to track your progress. In K.M.’s case, it is merely a way to cross off things as she goes. Then she can reassess herself on the weekend and reset for the upcoming week. So simple—yet so effective. Bravo!

Have a great week, folks.

Until next time…