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Hi folks!

For those of you who follow my blog consistently, you’ll notice I missed yesterday’s posting and today’s is not a video from Ted Talks or TedEd. My sister is visiting. When she comes my schedule goes out the window, to accommodate her and her visit. We always have a great time when she comes over. So this is what I wanted to pass along.

Her schedule is pretty open, so I don’t know if she’ll be staying much longer or hitting the road today. Either way, my schedule of postings will be interrupted for a bit, while she’s here, so I can maximize my time with her. She lives a few hours away, and we talk over the phone and stuff, but it’s not the same as her being here. For those of you with family scattered all over, you know what I’m talking about. I always maximize my time with my sister and brother when they visit, because it isn’t often.

Right now, her and Dad are downstairs watching Star Trek on Amazon. Dad loves television shows and movies, and she and dad always get in one day of watching shows when she visits. It’s their time, and I squeak away to get some of my things done when she does this with dad. Dad has been deteriorating lately. He doesn’t eat as much, sleeps most of his day away, and that’s just what happens when people get close to passing. It’s like God prepares them for the next step on their journey by keeping them in the dream worlds more and more as they approach the end.

I realize this may sound a little melodramatic, but I noticed this type of behavior in our dog Goldie when she was getting close to passing. The elderly just sleep. When the passing time comes, we call it translation in Eckankar; the individual is well-prepared for it. This is what I see with Dad. So when Deb comes over, I let her maximize her time with Dad. I am with him every day, and I don’t need the time she doesn’t get while she is away.

Well, that’s it for today, folks. I hope you all are having a great Tuesday!

Until next time…