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I hope your Monday is going well!

I have touched on journaling quite a few times in my postings, but wanted to address it again here. I do a free-writing session every morning for about 5-10 minutes. It literally is the first thing I do (after making a cup of coffee, of course). I fired this practice up again recently, because I find it helps me clear my head and get on with the work of the day much more easily.

Do you deal with a lack of focus on Monday morning? This may be the hack to get you through it.

I use One Note, one of the applications offered by Microsoft 365, but you could also use Apple’s pages or Google docs. I like using One Note because it is available on all of my devices. Whatever you decide to use, try this out. I find some days where I have all kinds of things to write about, while other days I’m pressed to get in a few sentences. The days when I do not have anything to write actually a good thing. It means the mind is clear. There are no pressing issues to disrupt your task flow for the remainder of the day. The practice will keep it this way.

Your brain dump sessions can be about anything. Just write down whatever comes in. It could be a dream you had, a reminder to do something you haven’t recorded anywhere, or even a review of the books, movies, or articles you’ve read. It literally is anything that is in your mind. If you are having troubles, this is a great way to get those troubles out of your head an on paper–a very healthy move psychologically.

Give this a whirl, folks. Many people do this every day and I have to tell you, it works.

Have a great day, folks!

Until next time…