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Today is normally a day where I post something funny. Instead, I wanted to take a few moments to thank all of you – new and old – for following my blog. Everyone is so busy these days adjusting to life because of COVID, learning how to use ZOOM and all the rest that comes with working or living out of our homes without a lot of outside contact. When you think things are going back to normal, this nasty little bug does something else, and we find ourselves locked right down again.

My home state is seeing surges everywhere. This virus seems to be telling us, “You thought you were safe. Wait until you get a load of this!”

As I mentioned earlier, my parents and I got phase one of the COVID-19 shot. No side effects on the first shot. We get our final shot in mid-April. I’ll keep you posted. I want to go back to the gym again, but cannot put my folks at risk until we are all vaccinated. I qualified for an early shot because I am a caretaker. If you have elderly folks or folks in your family that have underlying conditions, I cannot recommend you do all you can to keep them safe. My Mom is asthmatic and my Dad has emphysema. They are in their late 70s and early 80s. Both are in the group of folks that this virus impacts the most. Once we have been vaccinated, we can still get COVID, but the vaccine minimizes the risk of getting the nastier side of COVID. Once we are all set, I’ll head back to the gym.

Advocates for students to return to school are spouting that the young spring back quickly from COVID. That may be true, but who are these kids carrying it back to? The elderly, people with underlying conditions, and everyone else in the family or who they come in contact with. I think virtual schooling, despite its current challenges, is something all of us need to consider.

I hope all of you stay safe, happy, and pursuing your dreams.

Have a great weekend, folks!

Until next time…