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So you have goals and a plan. What do you do now? Execute.

Get your action steps on your calendar and to-do list, and start knocking things off. Easy right? Nope.

This is the time procrastination raises its ugly head. This is the time we execute the things that have nothing to do with our goals and priorities. Why do we do this to ourselves? Fear of failure, perfectionism, and perhaps a little doubt sprinkled in (Is this the best use of my time?).

This is the time to do what Nike suggests in their logo–Just Do It. You’ve decided it was a worthy goal. You’ve put together a plan to achieve the goal. Just start knocking out the stuff on your list. Get it done.

If you still hesitate, take the action steps you have already and break them down further. Whittle these things down until you no longer resist them. Whenever we hesitate to do something we have in our plan, it is either too big, or we lack the skills to execute the steps. It’s ok to discover this when you begin executing because you likely have never done this before. It’s ok.

When you revise your plan so that it is easier to execute, you’ll find getting started easier. You’ll also build a momentum to your work. You’ll start building confidence in yourself. You’ll begin to think that you worried over nothing and your action plan will work.

Perfectionism? Don’t let this hold you back. Just do the best you can. Execute your plan and take care of the details later. It feels good to make progress. Take advantage of that and keep moving forward. You decide when you’ve gotten a project completed. You. Don’t let perfectionism slow you down. Done is better than perfect. What is perfect anyway? Do you know?

Your doubt about your ability to do something will fade as you begin getting your tasks done. You will start to see how execution helps you move forward and your confidence will build as you move through task by task. Keep going. Use that forward momentum to keep moving. Once I start moving forward, it is hard to stop. The momentum is easier to keep going, once you are going.

Well, folks. That’s all I have for today. Have a great Monday.

Until next time…