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If you are in the Northeast, you are getting pounded right now with snow. If you go to your local gym, be careful. These big snows always produce horrific driving conditions and I don’t want any of you getting in a fender bender trying to get into the gym. Maybe do some home exercise routines instead? If you’re headed to work, you’re going to be out anyway, but please be careful. Watch out for the other drivers, who may not know how to drive in the snow.

Alright folks! It’s Monday, and it’s time to get at it. Dig in and grind.

Do a little each day toward your goals, whether it’s reading, writing, exercise, or learning. A little each day will take you far–promise. It’s so easy to do, it is like your goals fulfill themselves.

This week, I’ll be busy with all the things I have planned. My exercise routine, particularly due to the snow we are getting, will be full body exercise band workouts. I’ll also hit our cycle in the den downstairs to get some cardio or I’ll do some stairs.

Have a great week, folks! Month 2 of 2021 is upon us! ATTACK!!!

Until next time…