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As the future unfolds, many of us will need to retool and learn new things. I decided to pursue the Python programming language. First, it’s a pretty easy language to learn. There are some things that still confuse me, but mostly, particularly with what I want to do with it, the language is very “learnable”.

I’m taking a Python course on Udemy. These courses cost money, but if you are patient, you can get most of them for less than 20 USD. It’s a real bargain when you consider that you have permanent access to the course, the instructors are outstanding in the 4-star rated and above courses, and you get so much content that you’ll be busy for a few months.

I’m enrolled in an NLP course, two Python courses, a graphic design course, two Excel courses, a digital marketing course, and a data science and business analysis course. I’m taking these because my new position in a religious organization requires that I know how to do all these things (excluding python and NLP). My goal is to complete all these courses before the end of 2021. Not a problem. I’ll get there in no time. The key is to do a little each day. By doing a little learning each day, you’ll retain the information more efficiently. To repeat, since you have lifelong access to Udemy courses you purchase, you are free to go back and review anything that you forget or need to refine. It’s a terrific service. I highly recommend it.

Is there something you’d like to learn, just to learn it? Head on over to Udemy. You won’t be disappointed.

Until next time…