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For many of you, gyms are still closed or opening and closing intermittently as our governments both federal and state tackle how to solve the COVID enigma. For us, it’s about choosing systems and processes that compensate for this chaos and introduce stability in our lives. Exercise is no different.

I adopted the use of exercise bands, so I could duplicate what I do in the gym to the home. Cardio is a no-brainer. Walk up your stairs a few times and your heart rate will jump up quite nicely. You can also take walks outside to get out of your house for a bit.

My workout this week, will duplicate last week’s, but add another set. So this week, I’ll be hitting all the big muscle groups (legs, back, chest, and abs) and smaller groups (arms, shoulders, and calves). So each day I’ll be doing two sets of each exercise for a full-body workout Monday – Saturday. I always take Sunday off from exercise, other than chores and walking around while shopping or running errands.

Have a great week, folks!

Until next time…