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I enjoy sharing things I find on the Internet, things I learn, and things I find entertaining like a good series on Netflix, a great book I just finished, or even a course I’m taking. Instead of just Ted Talks, I’m opening this up to anything I find that I think is interesting.

You’ll begin seeing book reviews, movie and television series reviews, game reviews, and even some cool stuff I’m learning this year. This year’s focus is on digital marketing, data science (particularly using Excel and Python), and statistics. This is my learning focus this year because I took on a new position in my religious organization in October 2020, and I need to learn a bunch of stuff to do the job well.

Anyway, I wanted to use today’s post as a precursor to what you’ll see here. Don’t worry, I’m not changing my 5 quotes on Wednesday, which was one of your 2020 favorites. That is staying, but you’ll see further changes as I evolve my blog into a newer, more interesting place to visit in 2021.

I hope you enjoy the adventure I’ll be taking you on every Tuesday.

Until next time…