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I’m back after a nice vacation toward the end of December. I hope all of you had a pleasant time during the holiday season. We had a little get together with my sister and her boyfriend. The meals were terrific.

It’s that time again to list out my goals for the year. Here we go:


Exercise daily


Finish Masters in Sociology

Learn Excel

Learn Marketing

Learn Statistics and various diagrams

Learn Digital Advertising

Learn Python

Learn Graphic Design


Add 1200.00 to my savings by year’s end

Pay off dental bill by year’s end


Finish 12 ECK discourses

Run 9 Book Discussions

Run 1 Sound of Soul event

Develop 1 Digital Report to be used by me for Vahana reports each month

Learn about Facebook advertising and test it in the Thumb area by year’s end

Spiritual Exercise 2x 365 days

Gratitude Journal 365 days

Read Bible 365 days


Read 60 books in 2021


Build followers to 1100 by year’s end

Finish and Post 250 Blog Posts

Follow 200 new Blogs this year

Begin a new non-fiction book (fiction writing is on hold for the time being)


Write 52 letters to my wife

Post poetry and Quotes  365 times this year

Interact and make friends playing Call of Duty

Hobbies (Call of Duty Gaming)

Diamond out Submachine guns

Diamond out shotguns

Diamond out launchers

Diamond out knife

Diamond out Sniper Rifles

Diamond out Pistols

Learn Combined Arms Maps

This is my list of goals for the year. Note: I have planned no face-to-face or location goals at all, since it is highly likely intermittent lockdowns will continue, particularly as the COVID virus mutates. There is already a new strain in the US.

Get at it, folks! It’s a new year. You’ll see some new content types this year on my blog. I like changing up this blog from time to time because it makes it interesting for me and I would like to find more ways to entertain and serve you in 2021. We’ll see how it goes.

Have a great year all!

Until next time…