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This week, we are in week two of Michigan’s lockdown. The gyms are closed again; the restaurants are closed again; the libraries are closed again. So what to do?

This week, I’ll be using my bodyweight, exercise bands, and the stairs of my home to get in a good workout. This week, it’ll be about moving. I have a timer that is ongoing that is set for 30 minutes. Each 30 minutes, I’ll do 60 seconds of exercise, whether it be a set of pushups, situps, squats, stair stepping, or biceps curls. Each day I’ll hit every body part 2-3 times, as I get up and move every 30 minutes. If you’ve never tried something like this, it’ll keep you from turning into a couch potato for sure.

I hope each of you is safe and sound during the lockdowns that are occurring intermittently in your area of the globe.

The key to living a healthy life is eating right, managing stress, getting the sleep you need, drinking plenty of water, taking whatever supplements you need, and to KEEP MOVING! That’s all I got for now.

Have a great workout week!

See you at the finish line!