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The Law of God: Everything has its origin in Spirit; divine truth is one and unchanging. A Cosmic Sea of Words: The ECKANKAR Lexicon.

The physical plane where we currently find ourselves is a classroom for Soul. Each time we return we learn new things, which add to the maturity of Soul into a greater being. In ECKANKAR, there is one key tenet of our belief system. It is: “Soul exists because God loves it.”

Many ask: “If God loves us, why do we die, why do bad things happen to good people?” The answer is simple: If you take reincarnation into consideration, every debt we create, regardless of lifetime, must be paid in full. This means that the evildoer of today will pay back his or her debts at some point in this lifetime or the next. There is no escaping the Law of Karma. The Law of Karma states that everything comes back in the end. The lessons we learn take many lifetimes to embrace and accept.

Another question: “If we do reincarnate, why do we not remember our past lives?” Some people remember their past lives in dreams, but can’t connect with that truth, because each lifetime we come here fresh. We must start anew each time we return, until we finally begin awakening to the reality of our past lives and can gain access to those records, which are not accessible to most. Can you imagine how disconcerting it would be if you had a recollection of every past life you’ve ever lived? It would be impossible to exist like that. God designed this place so that all of us start again and again, gaining what we need in this lifetime, and take small incremental steps back to our true home. This home is called the Ocean of Love and Mercy in ECKANKAR.

Trying to capture the idea of GOD, heaven, or other spiritual truths, is difficult when we are trying to understand the nature of worlds that do not abide by the Matter, Energy, Space, and Time of this place. In the upper worlds, there is no matter, energy, space, or time. Do you see how difficult it is for the mind to grasp these things? More on this in upcoming posts.

Until next time…