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In my religious path, we believe in two realms of worlds–the lower worlds and the higher worlds. The lower worlds are bound by matter, energy, space and time and are fixed, while the higher worlds are not bound by these same characteristics, and are unlimited.

The lower worlds are designed for Soul to learn. The design gives them the appearance of completeness, spaciousness, and accommodation, yet are beset with numberless restrictions. Subsequently, everything here comes with advantages and disadvantages. Everything has a “catch”.

A person is rich, but dies from a disease money can’t cure. A person commits evil acts and gets away with it (or so he or she thinks). Bad things happen to good people, without any rhyme or reason. Change is permanent here.

When we realize we are not this body, the fixidity of this reality makes sense. We live, we die, we return to do it all over again. Only when we realize the temporal nature of this place, we will begin to search for something beyond this. When we do, we find that Soul is the real us, and these many bodies and lifetimes we experience are just that–experience, so Soul can learn and become liberated from this ever-turning wheel.

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