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2020 is zipping by. We are approaching Thanksgiving in the U.S. in a few days, and before you know it, 2020 will be a memory. For some, this was a tough year. For others, it was filled primarily with boredom, as one lockdown followed another.

I am neutral on the year. I’ve gotten plenty of things done the virus failed to impact. I got in a lot of reading. I also worked on me this year. Not just physical things, but mental things, spiritual things, social things. I consider myself a continuous work-in-progress. There is always one more thing to improve.

We are fast approaching the final month of the year. What will you do with these last few weeks? I’m continuing to push ahead. Many of my goals were hit a month or so ago, but I also missed quite a few, and I can’t use the virus as an excuse. I just changed priorities, adjusted to the lockdowns of the year, and adapted as best I could. This year made me realize nothing is invulnerable to change. It also taught me how nice it is to make new friends across miles and miles of distance—right here on WordPress.

We’ve only got a few weeks left folks. Stay with it! You can still get a lot done this year. Push through to the end.

Have a great week!

Until next time…