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Have you ever created a picture, poetry, or a physical object like a table or bookshelf? When you began you stared at a blank canvas, piece of paper, or a pile of wood. What gave that life? You did.

The Law of Consciousness dictates that the thought or idea has to start from the inner, to be expressed later in the outer form. You have to have the story, poem, music, or design in your head before you can create it.

The same process occurs spiritually. You have to have an idea of what you are seeking before you can seek it. You have to realize the existence of something before you can explore it. You have to believe before you can experience something. Without the belief or awareness of something, you cannot conceive it.

To be conscious of something, you have to gain the realization or belief that what you are thinking is possible. Then it is easy to manifest.

Where do ideas come from? They come from the real self–Soul. Soul is not bound by matter, energy, space, or time. It is infinite. It is omnipresent. Subsequently, Soul sees the whole picture. When Soul tries to communicate to the mind, the mind censors it, particularly if the information that is transmitted is too much for the mind to handle. Subsequently, our spiritual progress is slow and measured. This is the way it has to be, but progress is made, regardless of your awareness of it or not.

This is the Law of Consciousness. Have a great Saturday!

Until next time…