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Welcome to my Workout Routine for the week of November 9, 2020. As we approach the harsh winter in Michigan, I am much more prepared than last year. Each year, we get some big snows. This makes driving really difficult and treacherous. To avoid that risk, I purchased some exercise bands from Bodylastic, and I am very pleased.

I’ve also been studying some of Jim Stoppani’s work. One of Jim’s biggest insights is that sitting is the new smoking. I couldn’t agree more. My life is very sedentary, now that I’m retired. I exercise daily, but discovered through Jim’s website (jimstoppani.com) that he follows a rule where he is doing an activity above his daily workout routine. This week, I’m going to incorporate that. This will add some variety to my workout and let me focus on one body-part each day.

Because I have an Apple Watch, I am reminded to stand up every hour. I’ll use this as my cue to do some exercise. Here’s my schedule for the week:

Monday – Legs

Tuesday – Back

Wednesday – Chest

Thursday – Shoulders

Friday – Arms

Saturday – Abs and Calves

Sunday – Off

I’ll be mixing in some Tabata work in as well. My Tabata format will be:

8 minutes of exercise (20 seconds exercise, 20 seconds rest)

That’s it, folks! Have a great week!

See you at the finish line!