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All, as you know, the winter months in Michigan can be quite brutal, leaving our roads an absolute mess. To compensate, many of my exercise days are home. This year will be no different. I had some exercise bands (loops of rubber), but wanted to elevate my game, so I have the same access to exercises that I would have at my gym.

https://amzn.to/3mSoElb This is a link to the set I bought today, arriving this week. I’m not a sponsor or affiliate for this product, but Jim Stoppani, one of the fitness gurus I follow, recommended them. If you’re also in a tough spot because of gym closures or poor weather that disrupt the consistency of your gym workouts, I’d highly recommend these or an equivalent. They come with various attachments to put on a door or a piece of furniture and will truly elevate your home fitness routines. They cost around $160.00.

Until next time…