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Today, I’m grateful for the simple things. A comfortable bed. A hot shower. A nice reclining rocker.

One benefit of military service is the ability to enjoy these creature comforts because when you’re in the field, sleep, warm food, a comfortable bed, even a shower, is rare. I have something to compare these simple comforts with.

I’ve been out of the Army for 15 years, but still remember waking up in sub-zero temperatures, dreading the moment I had to get out of my warm sleeping bag, put on my boots, get my layered clothing on, and waiting for my butane burner to warm my first cup of coffee.

When I was in the field, particularly at night when I laid down, I thought of my girlfriends. After I was married, I thought about my wife. I remembered how soft she was, how warm it she was when we were together in bed, and how she smelled. I reminisced about her laugh, her smile, and the things we would do together when I returned.

When we did return, the reunions were awesome. Even when I was gone for a few weeks, it felt like I was gone for a year. That first hot shower was pure ecstasy. That first kiss was absolute bliss. The first warm meal at a restaurant or at home was heaven.

I’ve lost those feelings somewhat now that I’m out of the military, but from time-to-time, I remember how great it was to sleep in a warm bed after sleeping on the cold ground. I remember that first great meal, after eating cold MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). I remember that first embrace when I returned. So today, I’m grateful for the simple things.

Until next time…