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This week’s challenge: Go over all the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year and determine which ones you missed, the ones you hit, and the ones you are still capable of completing before year end.

Here is mine so far: x means hit, o means missed, notes following if still possible

Physical –

Missed my physical goals this year due to COVID-19 gym closures


Complete 10 courses online this year – x
Complete Computer Science Path this year – 55% through the course x


Missed my savings goals this year, but it is still salvageable


Finish 12 discourses x
Finish HI Leadership Course x
365 Spiritual Exercises x


Read 60 books this year x


Finish Rough Draft of my Fiction Book o Still possible
Write at a coffee shop 52 times this year to achieve a change of pace o


Build followers to 800 by year’s end x
Finish and Post 365 Blog Posts x
Follow 200 new Blogs this year x


Write 52 letters to my wife x
Send 365 texts to my wife x
Meet someone new each day (Social Media, Blog, or Out and about) o
Take a personal vacation each Quarter by visiting a new town and hanging out o
Visit the Library 52 times this year o

How are you progressing so far? If you have time, leave some notes in the comments section of what you will focus on for the rest of the year.

Until next time…