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Today, I’m grateful for a food delivery service called DoorDash. I delayed using the service for a few months once the lockdown hit, but when we began using it, I was absolutely blown away. We have a few restaurants that we enjoy and DoorDash works with all of them.

We get food from Cracker Barrel, Red Lobster, Applebees, and Denny’s. Honestly, I’m the only one that likes Denny’s, and ordered a family breakfast one day. It was awesome!

I always enjoy a good pizza too. Hungry Howie’s is the pizza place of choice. So here’s to food delivery. It saves time, isn’t that pricey, and it makes life easy, especially when the restaurants were all closed down. It made making a dinner easy for us and it helped local restaurants keep their heads above water. It was a win-win.

Thanks DoorDash for the great service.

Until next time…