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This week is going to be terrific! I’ll be researching, writing, working out, learning, coding, pursuing spiritual activities, and getting some social networking in. Instead of my boring list of things I do daily, I figured a little writing would work just as well.

My rituals are pretty consistent, but they can get boring. How do you keep things fresh, while knocking out the same things every day? I try to mix things up a little. My days are not static. I do what I feel like doing in my list and knock those out. Sometimes I work through my list sequentially, knocking out one thing after another. At other times, I’ll do all of my reading, then my writing, then my exercise, them my learning, and so on. You could say this is doing things by category.

I make the judgement calls based on how I feel. Am I full of energy? If so, get that workout in as soon as possible. Am I dragging my feet? Drink some coffee and get all that reading done. Do I feel creative in the moment? Get at the writing. Am I feeling curious? Get to your lessons ASAP?

You have a lot of creativity at your fingertips, while you work through your daily plan. There a multitude of things you can do in whatever order you wish. I’ve read about some folks who knock out things on categorically organized days. One day is for creativity. If you’re a writer, that would mean working through a whole week’s worth of writing in a day. I shy away from those kinds of schedules because I enjoy simplicity and I also know that habits are built daily. Subsequently, I stick to daily activities, rather than a day of this activity or a day of that activity.

Regardless of what you come up with, try moving things around, try doing things in different orders, or try doing things by category. You’re going to get all of them done. It doesn’t matter what order or what way you do them.

Anyway, I hope all of you have a terrific Monday!

Until next time…