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I promised to take a week off each quarter and have failed miserably, so this week, I’m doing it! I’ll be reading and doing some of my tasks daily, but most are going on stand by. The first reason is I’m a little burned out by the hectic schedule I’ve been keeping to stay occupied–the other, I hurt my back late last week and just want to take it easy and relax until this thing sorts itself out.

So this week, as part of my vacation, I’ll be catching up on some Netflix, Amazon, and read more than I normally do. I’m still on the hook for 60 books and have finished 43-44 of them, but want to hit this one early this year, so I can enjoy the holidays and potentially take the entire month of December off, to really enjoy the holiday season, my favorite time of the year.

I’ll keep up my blogging too. I enjoy interacting with you, and like posting my little things each day, since some of you like certain content days, some of you like other days.

Have a great week, everybody!

Until next time…