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Paying attention to foods can help you lead a better spiritual life. People ask me, “What is good food?” There is no good food or bad food for everyone. It depends upon the individual, upon his particular health condition. Who can best tell what’s right for you? You can, of course.

—Harold Klemp
The Language of Soul

Have you ever ran into a person that was allergic to something that you weren’t allergic to? My Mother and Brother are allergic to pork. My Dad, my Sister, and I aren’t. Interesting, right?

How about Avocado? My Mom is allergic to Avocado. The rest of the family isn’t. I can eat guacamole until my skin turns green.

I cannot drink Whey protein. It binds me up. It took me years to find this out, but sure enough. As soon as I moved to a plant protein powder, the binding up issue dissipates.

My body loves carbs, but has a horrible time digesting them. I’ve been bad as of late since the lockdown. I’ve eaten all the carbs I enjoy. But the weight gain follows. I’m not a proponent of a keto diet. I know many are, but for me it is just not a sustainable way to live. That being said, the carbs that do not put weight on me are the slow digesting ones, like oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potato. White breads, white potatoes, white rice, high sugar items like snack foods and pastries are a no-go if I want the weight to come off. The same goes for alcohol. Beer, mixed drinks, and all the rest put the weight on.

I just wanted to demonstrate what Harold is getting at. You have to eat what you know works for you. In some cases, particularly if you are a diabetic, you really need to watch the sugar or carb intake, to maintain your blood sugar levels.

So, enjoy the foods you can. Enjoy eating. As long as you are eating what your body can tolerate and is healthy for your particular condition, have at it. Everyone is unique. Everyone has different tastes and tolerances.

Until next time…