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Well, here we are. Yet another Monday to tackle. Since retirement, the days have taken on a different meaning. Each of my days is roughly the same, unless I decide to pursue something new and unique. I enjoy consistency, but also like to add in some variety now and then.

The three things I missed the most during the lockdown are my libraries, coffee shops, and gyms. Libraries are still closed, and coffee shops are still pretty locked down, so I only have the gym. Getting out on the road, interacting with people at the gym and Starbucks is really nice. You never know who you’re going to meet or what will happen.

I’m really glad my gyms are opening back up. I missed going to them. My routine won’t be any less intense than my home workouts, but it’s the feeling you have when you’re on a machine or bench pounding away. That makes all the difference. I also miss the chance meetings with people, asking about how to use a machine or asking if they can work into my sets.

Now that the gyms are open, I’ll begin going again tomorrow. My schedule is in place, and I’m ready to get back at it.

Here’s my weekly schedule:

Writing Daily

Exercise Daily

Spiritual Exercise Daily

Social activities Daily

Reading Daily

Learning Daily

I hope all of you have a fun-filled, productive week!

Until next time…