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Today is my Mother’s birthday. She had me when she was 20. Throughout my life, Mom has been a supporter. She attended every concert, sporting event, and ceremony. She always got my birthday cards and presents to me, regardless of where I was in college or the Army. She is very much the busy-body today that she was when I was growing up. She gardens, cooks, takes care of my Dad, and is constantly on the move. It is amazing, considering she is 77 today.

She is also a caretaker. She took care of my Dad’s Dad when he had a stroke and was all by himself. She took care of her Mother when dementia struck. Now she takes care of my Dad, who is also a victim of dementia. She is a listening ear to friends, my brother and sister, and me, when life tosses us a curve ball.

So today, I am grateful for my Mom. Happy Birthday! Here’s to many more.

Until next time…