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Reading is one of my blessings. My reading began as a young boy who wanted to emulate his folks. My Mom and Dad are both avid readers and introduced my brother, sister, and I to a wide range of topics, ranging from herbology, physics, history, politics, spiritual readings, and a whole other bunch of stuff.

I remember reading the Lord of the Rings and visiting this huge place with a history, dragons, wars, dwarves, elves, and orcs. A story filled with high adventure. Reading took me to places created by an author in their mind. This still blows me away.

Reading books also teaches us. Reading books by philosophers, scientists, politicians, generals, playwrights, authors, and many others are the greatest teachers. Each book changes us. They introduce us to new ideas, ones we may have never considered. These new ideas expand our awareness and shape the way we think.

Reading fiction is also a terrific way to learn. We experience the story through the eyes of the hero or heroine. We feel their pain. We weep when they are hurt; we applaud when they succeed. We see ourselves in each person we read about and experience what those heros and heroines experience. We learn through them as they change; they rise, they fall, and they resolve the problems they face in sometimes very dramatic ways.

So today, I am thankful for reading a great book. They have made my life richer, taught me a great deal, and most importantly, help me orient my thinking in ways that serve me in unpredictable ways.

To every author I have read. Thank you.

Until next time…