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(The picture above is me laughing with my sister’s dog, who passed last year. He was a crack up.)

Humor has always carried me through whatever challenge I was going through. Be it divorce, death in the family, the loss of a pet, or even a temporary failure. Laughing at a comedian, stupid movie, or a well-done meme are terrific remedies to bad moods, feeling sorry for myself, or getting my mind off of a family tragedy.

I’ve been lucky in that way. When some folks would be devastated by this or that in their lives, I’ve always been able to bounce back. Some would say my sense of humor is a little on the “sick” side, but I believe you find whatever you can to make you laugh and go with it. Laughter is the best, particularly those laughs that are so hard, they are silent. I love laughing.

A few weeks ago, my sister came to visit, and we were looking at the Demotivators.com website. If you’ve never been there before, take a few moments to check it out. These posters are hilarious. Anyway, my sister and I came across one poster on the site and just had a gut-busting laugh. It was terrific!

I hope all of you have laughter in your lives. It’s terrific. Have a great Thursday, folks!

Until next time…