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Happy Monday, peeps!

This week’s routine will again be at home, because of the gym closures in our area. It appears we in the U.S. jumped the gun a little too quickly and are not facing some pretty big numbers of people getting the nasty bug running around. So now, many states are re-instituting lock downs in areas that are most affected.

This is the beauty of planning ahead. I developed a pretty decent workout routine with exercise bans and I am glad I 1) purchased them when I did and 2) use them on my workout days. It’s cool how a little bit of improvisation can eliminate the annoyance of not having a gym to go to right now.

On with the show!

Monday – Saturday – Full body circuits (3)

Full body circuit: Squats, Bridges, Ab crunches, Incline Chest Press, Triceps extensions, Bicep curls, Bent-over rows, Shoulder presses, and Calf presses. I try to do a set of 10 for each body part with no rest for the entire circuit, then rest and kick into the next circuit after about 2 minutes of hydration and resting.

I hope each of you are working out ways to continue your exercise routines, despite outside, uncontrollable circumstances.

See you at the finish line!