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It is so easy to think about bad things. I think this is because our brains are wired to seek out danger. It’s a survival mechanism.

That being said, stressing out about things we do not control can really throw us into a tizzy. So, why not flip the coin and concentrate on the good things in life? Some of the things we take for granted are those same things we notice when they go away or stop working. Things like good health, a steady Internet connection, a computer that works, and a car that gets us from one place to another.

Think about the finite reality we call life? So little time, yet so much, if we use it wisely. Reading, writing, learning, loving, experiencing. Get everything you can out of life. Exploring new places, doing things you’ve never done, and loving like there is no tomorrow.

In Michigan, we have been experiencing a heat wave. In the last few hours we have finally gotten some rain. I can hear the pitter patter on the roof. It should cool things down a bit, and give the grass, flowers, and plants in my Mother’s garden some much-needed watering.

One of my daily practices is to be thankful for even the smallest things. It makes me feel great, and it gets my day started the right way. I express my thanks for God, my family, my friends, and many other things. If you haven’t tried this practice, start simply by writing down three things that bring you joy each day. If you want to really go for it, do this in the morning when you arise and right before you go to bed. It’s terrific!

Well, that’s all I have for now. I wish all of you a great Saturday!

Until next time…