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Well, it happened. As quickly as my gym opened–it closed. I guess they were optimistic about a court case in Michigan, filed by gym owners everywhere seeking to open in light of everything else opening. Oops. They lost the case and now have to close again.

I don’t know about you, but I am very frustrated with the lockdown, now that it appears there is a double-standard. Those of us that want to workout, go to work, get back to some semblance of living normally can’t, while knuckleheads across the country loot, burn, and deface. Protests in the U.S. have violated social distancing and number in the thousands of participants.

But I will digress. I can’t control what other people do, even my government, unless it’s at the ballot box. So, I’ll revert to my philosophy of controlling me and letting the rest be what it may.

That said, my workouts will now be home again, using exercise bands.

I hope you enjoy today’s Ted Talk, that explains when a pandemic ends.


Until next time…