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Podcasts are one of the greatest inventions of this century. There are so many to choose from and enough content that you can never ever listen to it all. I truly enjoy podcasts because I can listen to them while I do other things.

There are also many platforms for podcasts. I use Spotify for all of my music and podcasts, but you can also find them on Groove, Google Play, Apple Music, and many others. If you have never experienced a podcast, I recommend it. They cover topics like history, politics, music; you name it. I guarantee you will find something you are interested in within the podcast genre you enjoy.

I discovered podcasts after learning that many people listen to them while they work. Since I do a lot of programming every day, I like having one on while I code.

Podcasts are the new “radio”. Radio wasn’t huge when I was growing up, but as I matured, radio became a normal part of my life, particularly when I drive long distances. It’s a great source of information and entertaining as well.

So, today I’m grateful for podcasts of all shapes and sizes. They entertain, teach, and are a welcome part of my time during the day.

Have a great Thursday, folks!

Until next time…