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Is it Thursday already? Time sure flies when you are focused on the things you consider important and focus on those things you do each day, one at a time. Earlier in the year, I realized I was becoming very efficient at knocking out my daily rituals. So efficient, that I found myself becoming bored. I hate being bored. When I am bored, time slows to a trickle. This is how I know I my new schedule is working. Time flies because I am focused on various tasks throughout the day and week and they occupy, entertain, and fulfill me.

Are you bored? If so, add some things to your schedule. Read more, write more, learn more. If you are stressed out and resisting your daily to-do list, do the opposite. Trim back to your core tasks–the things you consider most important.

Most of you in my audience still work. This encompasses most of your day. For those of us that are retired, I think the biggest challenge is staying busy. Not busy, busy, but busy. Any of us could binge watch Netflix or sit like zombies in front of our laptops watching hundreds of funny animal videos, but is there any challenge to this? Is there any purpose behind this, besides doing something to pass the time. To me, that would be a total waste of my life.

When I am engaged in writing, reading, coding, learning, or exercising, I focus in on that task and that task only. When I am meditating, there is nothing else to concern myself with. If you are working full time and trying to add something to your day, the one thing I would recommend before retiring is a hobby. Your hobby could be computer programming, photography, writing books or poetry, starting a blog, anything.

Most folks dream of a time when they can just golf, travel, or stick with one thing. In my experience, you need many things. Personally, I am pursuing all the things I wanted to when I was too busy. When I was working, about the only thing I had time for was exercise. I’m glad I did, but there is so much more available now that I’m retired.

I’m grateful for the time I have. It allows me to do so many things during the day. The things I consider important. When I feel I’ve packed too much in my day, I trim it back. When I find myself finishing my work too quickly I adjust. This week is perfect. I am getting all the things I need to get done, and have some time left over for frivolous things like Netflix and other things I enjoy for leisure time.

Have a great Thursday, folks!

Until next time…