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The late Stephen Covey wrote about the Circle of Control in his book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The Circle of Control is what you control entirely. It is your attitude, your belief system, your values, and your actions. The Circle of Control does not depend on anyone or anything else.

What a lot of people worry about is what is called the Circle of Concern. They are concerned about the weather, what another person will do, or what event might happen. Do they have control of any of these things? No. This is why the Circle of Concern if focused on will actually shrink the Circle of Control. Focus on what you can control and you will grow your Circle of Control. Take this little piece of advice into the upcoming week. You’ll be less stressed and more productive.

Here’s my week folks (All tasks listed below are daily tasks (Monday – Saturday):

Physical: (See Workout Routine)

Mental: Reading Star Carrier Series Book 3, Reading my Bible, Computer Science Path on Codecademy, and working on my book, The Forever Soldier.

Spiritual: Reading my Bible, Gratitude and Dream Journaling, Working through my Spiritual discourses, doing my spiritual exercises

Social: Post uplifting quotes and poems, Blogging, staying in contact with my friends and family

Have a great week, folks!

Until next time…