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Begin with the love you have. Love gratefully. This love expands your heart into a greater vessel which can hold yet more love.

—Harold Klemp
The Language of Soul

Today’s posting will be a little short, because there’s not much I can add to this quote to improve its message. The only thing I can say is that you get love when you give it. Sometimes the timing is a little off, but if you are aware enough, you’ll recognize this when it happens.

Here’s a brief story to illustrate my point. My wife and her daughters aren’t communicating right now and it is just killing my wife. She misses them. I don’t blame her. They are my stepdaughters, and they are going through that phase that all young people go through. You know that phase when your parents know nothing, are behind the times, etc.

Anyway, my wife went to the market on Mother’s Day and realized people were buying flowers for their Mother’s that day. She picked up a bouquet and went to the checkout line. As she waited a young man came up behind her and struck up a conversation. During the conversation, the young man offered to buy my wife the flowers she had picked out, stating that his Mother died a few years ago, and he wanted to buy someone a Mother’s Day bouquet because he didn’t have a Mother to buy them for anymore. This act of love reduced my wife to tears, right there in the shopping line.

Some would say this is coincidence, but I say that there is no such thing. That man needed to show his love by buying a bouquet of flowers for my wife, and she needed those flowers, because her daughters didn’t get her anything. Love was given; love was received.

I hope you enjoyed my little story and this quote today.

Until next time…