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Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

Henry Ford

Regardless of which path you take in life, you will run across rocks, puddles filled with mud, and other barriers. This is part of life.

When trying something new, most of the obstacles we face are built by us. We think something is too hard. We don’t think we’re good enough. We imagine all of these horrific things happening. In the end, when we’ve walked the path we’ve chosen, we realize that we created most of our problems. In fact, we created all of them.

How can you reframe all of it? Look at obstacles in a different way. Treat each obstacle as a lesson. Treat each obstacle as a stepping stone. Treat each obstacle as a means rather than an impediment. The moment you become detached from the obstacles you face, the less they will bother you.

Everything you face in life can be looked at in two ways. These obstacles can be looked at something that is done to us, or something that is done for us. Change “to” to “for” and the whole context of an obstacle or problem changes.

Deal with obstacles as they arise. Don’t create them in your mind. Trest each obstacle as something to learn from, rather than fret over. Keep your eyes on your goal. The obstacles will be meaningless, when you see the goal on the other side of them.

I hope each of you are progressing toward the goals you set this year. Keep going. You’ll get there. Just keep chipping away at them. If you keep chipping away, you’ll get to the finish line.

Until next time…