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If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ve probably figured out I am not a huge fan of the mainstream media. The bulk of it is regurgitated news written by real reporters and twisted to fit a narrative.

Particularly now, you don’t know what is true, what has been fact-checked, and you have no idea who or what they are promoting. The days of just reporting the news are long gone and so am I as a former consumer of news. Now, it’s just one political argument from one side against the other and I just don’t want any part of it. I scan the news, but rarely dig into an actual article.

That’s why I’m thankful for my fellow bloggers who post real, heart-felt content. I’m also a fan of the Pocket and Flipboard apps. You can tailor what you see, save what you like, and both of these sites provide you with new articles that align with your interests and not theirs. They are also free. So it’s quite a bargain. I also enjoy Google News, but again, just to scan the news to gather what’s going on and forget about the details, which are a waste to read, anyway.

I enjoy sharing articles and quotes I enjoy with my social networks. I love Brainyquote and the 5-minute journal, both of which provide me with great quotes without a lot of digging around. So there you go. These are the sources online that I get all of my online content, other than WordPress.

What I do is pick an article from each of these sources and read them. Once I’ve read them, I’ll share them to Facebook. My quotes go to Instagram and Facebook. I enjoy article on outer space, history, writing, comics, video games, productivity, and other self-help topics. I also follow news streams and articles related to Python (programming language), JavaScript, and other languages I’m interested in. It’s great fun!

What’s interesting is the current lockdown has had ZERO impact on the way I live my life. I have always enjoyed relaxing days in my office or living room (when my laptop is up and running). I do my writing, reading, learning, and programming between 12 am and 3 am. This serves two purposes. First, it’s really quiet. Second, it frees up my time during the day to help my wife or around the house, when the folks need it.

So, today I am grateful for online content. It is a real service that provides me with learning, entertainment, and ideas to think about during the day.

Until next time…