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It’s Monday!!

Time for another installment of my Motivation Monday. I’m enjoying a vacation this week, but still take a bit each day to tackle my highest priorities: Reading, Writing, Learning, Exercising, Spirituality, and interacting with family and friends. Oh, and video games! I’m currently playing a game called Rage 2 and it’s quite good, if you like open world adventure games. Here we go!

Physical – eat right, drink water, follow CDC guidelines, exercise, and get plenty of rest.

Mental – Continue coding work, read, write, and learn

Social – Stay in touch with family and friends as best I can with the lockdown, post meaningful posts and informative articles on my social media channels, keep up my blog and interact with other authors and comments

Spiritual – Spiritual exercises, spiritual readings.

Nothing specific this week, folks. I’m taking my first staycation of the year. Have a great week and remember to take some vacation time too. It is great to recharge the brain and body with relaxation, mindless video games, and hanging out with the family.

Have an awesome week, folks!

Until next time…