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Here we are! One more week passes us by in lockdown. It’ll be interesting when generations are born that don’t know anything about this. Whatever we decide to do as a society on the upcoming months may require permanent changes in how we work, how we play, how we socialize, and to a new generation born outside of this, it’ll all seem normal. The changes we make as a society won’t be a change to them. It’ll be normal. Crazy, right?

Change is inevitable in this world. In fact, it is something you can count on. Changes in relationships, changes in jobs, changes in health, changes in interests, change, change, change. Why do we fight it? Why not accept what is and adapt to the new circumstances? Because we’re human. We like consistency. We like things to stay the same.

This week, let’s mix it up a bit. The challenge is simple.

Weekly Challenge: Change one thing in your life, your daily routine, or your schedule. Do something that is different every day for a week. Reply in the comments with what you came up with, regardless of how small it was.

Until next time…