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This week’s challenge: Go through your to-do list or create one. Then decide what is the most important thing to get done first, and so on. Prioritize the most important tasks you need to get done first, brainstorm and plan, and execute.

This will help you knock down that to-do list that continues to grow and get you back on track doing the most important stuff first. Procrastinators (like I used to be), tend to focus on the easy stuff, while those big, painful projects just sit there. Before you know it, the year is gone, and you still have those big things sitting there. Prioritize those big things and get’em done. You’ll feel great when you do. The easy little tasks will still be there when you’re done.

As always, if you do this challenge, reply to this posting in the comments. I’d like to hear how this helped you.

Until next time…