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In light of all of the tragedy stretching across the globe, I wanted to express my gratitude for the health of my family and friends. It could be a lot worse, and luckily, it isn’t.

One of my friends wasn’t so lucky. He lost two fraternity brothers this week to the coronavirus. There are thousands of stories of families losing loved ones, told and untold. According to the World Health Education Website we are at 416,686 confirmed cases, 18,589 confirmed deaths, with 197 countries impacted.

The hardest hit are: China (81,869 confirmed cases), Italy (69,176 confirmed cases), U.S.A. (51,914 confirmed cases), Spain (39,673 confirmed cases), Germany (31,554 confirmed cases), Iran (27,017 confirmed cases), and France (22,025 confirmed cases). Each death is tragic, especially when you consider that there is no cure for this thing.

Express gratitude for your loved ones. Reach out to them if you are separated. It’s so important in these rough times.

I hope each of you remains safe, remains informed, and follows local guidance. We can beat this thing if we stay at home, take care of ourselves, and follow the guidance provided by our governments.

Until next time…