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How are you handling your day? For those of you with kids, I imagine many adjustments are being made in and around the home-schooling schedule. That being said, how are you tackling your day?

Are you exercising? Pursuing your goals?

Why not take the time you have and learn that new skill you’ve been looking to work on? Why not read that book that’s collecting dust? Why not try out some new recipes at home?

If you’re a TV person, take some time to get caught up on the series you haven’t had time to watch, or heck, change genres and spread your wings? Recently I watched an old Cagney film on Amazon. It was terrific!

The primary point of today’s posting is to get creative. Try new things. Get to work on those projects that were impossible when you add in a 3-hour commute to work. Get in some exercise. Everything you did while you were “free” is still possible if you put a little effort in. Exercises at the gym can be replaced with body weight exercises at home. Eating out can be replaced by ordering in. Work at the office can be replaced by Telework.

For those of you who have been laid off or let go because your company is tightening its belt, I’m sorry. It has to be scary to be out of work and locked down in your home. Make sure you are checking local sources for help. There are food banks, and other services that have been made available to hold you over.

If you’re sitting pretty, find out if any elderly neighbors need help with groceries. Offer your services to your local school, who may need some tutors. Take a look around online and make some calls. There are lots of things to do if you put your mind to it. You’ll help other people, and you’ll take your mind off of the craziness.

I hope you are staying safe. I hope you are staying informed. If you’re in the US, the best resources I’ve found are the CDC.gov website and the President’s daily briefings on the news or YouTube. On the CDC website, you’ll see a picture of the United States. If you click on your state in the graphic of the US, it’ll pull up your state’s health department. Your local paper will have your local health department with all the latest information that will apply directly to you.

Well, that’s it for today, folks. I hope each of you are OK. Hang in there. This thing will end.

Until next time…