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Well, we’re at home. We’re working from home and staying at home when we’re done working from home. If we get out, it’s because we need food or we have a doctor’s appointment, or we are just driving around to look at something different than our living room.

It’s time like these that you have to be thankful for the many streaming services that provide us entertainment. I enjoy Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Curiosity Stream, and Vudu. As I mentioned in my previous posting, I don’t watch a lot of news. Most of it is opinionated, slanted one way or another politically, and rarely carry anything of import. Most of it is designed to stress you out, and during these troubled times, I’d prefer not to add to the stress that is already there.

What do I like? Well, I love West Wing (I’m watching it right now). There is also season 2 of Altered Carbon, Locke & Key, and a bunch of other content available. On Amazon Prime, there are all kinds of great series and movies for cheap. I watched a James Cagney film last week, and it was terrific. I’ve got White Heat, another Cagney film on my watch list. It rents for $2.99 US.

If streaming videos don’t work, I’ve got Spotify for all of my podcasts and music, and my Xbox for gaming. Plenty of entertainment that I will never get through in a lifetime.

Since my gym has closed, I also enjoy using my exercise bands to stay in shape. If these aren’t your forte, there are plenty of free video home workouts on YouTube. All this technology, and all available for a minimal cost. Thank God!

There are a lot of things available to us to keep us entertained during any lockdowns we may experience. Take advantage of them. They are great entertainment, and they are reasonably priced. I pay $15.99 for my Netflix service and this allows all of my family to watch different things on four separate screens. It’s a great service.

Well, that’s it for today. During troubled times like these, it’s better to look at the bright side of things rather than wallow in self-pity and fear. You won’t change anything, but you will make yourself more miserable. Keep yourself busy. Do some chores around the house, workout, read a great book you’ve been putting off, or enjoy some entertainment on one of the many services I’ve listed. I forgot to mention Disney+, which I get for free because I’m a Verizon customer. This is a great service if you have kids!

Until next time…