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One of the biggest lessons we can learn in life is to do everything possible to reach an accord with the individual we are having trouble with.

—Harold Klemp
The Language of Soul

Human beings are social creatures. We enjoy interacting with one another, making friends, and hanging out. Every once in a while, you run into that one person that just rubs you wrong the moment you meet them. Have you ever run across someone like that?

If you believe in karma, you already know the reason for this disagreeableness. Karma does not pertain only to this lifetime, it spans lifetimes. So, whenever you run across someone you immediately dislike or a person who dislikes you, this is typically the culprit.

How do you solve a conundrum of this sort? Go into prayer, meditation, or contemplation, and ask: Why is this happening? Then pay attention to what comes during your period of prayer, meditation, or contemplation. You can also pay attention to your dreams. The answer can come through there too.

The problem associated with karma is when you earned it with another person. Some of it you earn during this lifetime. The rest of your karma comes from previous lives. Once you know what’s going on, you can work with it.

For those of you who don’t believe in this sort of thing, that’s ok. There are numerous articles online you can read that can help you with challenging people.

If this topic intrigues you, here’s a book you may want to read. It’s called Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel, by Harold Klemp, the author of the quote above. You can get the Kindle version for $8.49.

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