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I’m a dabbler. I enjoy doing lots of things during the day and love the variety of tasks I set for myself. My motivation is provided by the variety. A variety of books to read (I read multiple books simultaneously), a variety of classes to take, going to the gym, running errands, working on my book, and all the rest.

If you are bored or overwhelmed, adjust your schedule. Either add more things to your day or take some away. Be flexible and monitor yourself at the end of the day. If I consistently finish all of my stuff too quickly and find myself getting antsy, I add some stuff to my calendar for the next day. If I can’t finish all the things I have scheduled or feeling resistance to my daily rituals, I back some things off.

Ok, folks. Here’s my schedule for the week:

  • Work on Book Daily
  • Read Daily
  • Blog Daily
  • Journal Daily
  • Code Daily (Computer Science Course Codecademy)
  • Meditate Daily
  • Exercise Daily (See my Workout Routine post for the week)
  • Learn daily (classes in Algebra, American History, Autism Spectrum Disorder)
  • Budget Daily

I hope all of you have a terrific week! Remember, take time to monitor how you feel about your daily routines. Be flexible and be prepared to adjust, keeping in mind your core priorities.

Until next time…