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I was on my Facebook page earlier today (I always check out my social media and the news with a cup of coffee in the morning) and discovered that a workmate (for a short time) passed away. Many of my previous colleagues expressed their condolences. I didn’t know her well, but she left her husband and four children behind. She died of some form of cancer.

You can’t have a spiritual discussion without considering the finite nature of our existence. The one question all of us have, but no one knows the answer to: Where do we go when we die? Sure, everyone tells us you go here or go there, but individually, we don’t know. We haven’t experienced death. We can only lay our trust in the religion or philosophy we believe in, hoping these things are right.

When will you go? When will your time be up? Who knows?

I think it’s important to live life as best we can while we’re here. Don’t let fear prevent you from learning something new or experiencing something new. Get out there. Learn all you can, love all you can, experience all you can, and serve all you can. Don’t let one more day go by without putting everything you have into it.

Until next time…