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“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.”

Anton Chekhov

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I enjoy learning. I really do. I enjoy learning because it provides me with more capabilities.

I’ve always wanted to write my computer programs, mainly games, productivity apps for Google Play and the Apple Store, and anything else I can think of. Anything that can prove to be a source of residual income is worth pursuing in my mind.

I like to write. I’m working on my first fiction story. How do I create scenes, meaningful dialogue, and pace my story? It’s all available to you if you take the time to find it. Courses, other authors, blogs, books, magazines. This stuff is available everywhere. You just have to look, try something out, and look again if that source didn’t work out.

What is practical learning? Practical learning is learning with a purpose—a necessity. If you own an iPhone, learn how to use it. If you have a computer, learn how to use email, basic office programs like a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software, and even a database if you track a lot of stuff.

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If you want to write a book, take a course on it, interact with other authors and get their advice. Read some books. Take some courses.

I would like to learn a new language. I want to learn Spanish. My wife is from Mexico and it would be great to speak to her in her native language. I am also looking to retire in Panama at some point and it would be nice to speak the language with the people that live there.

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When you set out to learn something, don’t just learn to learn. It’s a waste of time. Learn something that adds to you. Learn something that helps make your life easier. Learn something that keeps you relevant. New technology? Learn it. New hobby? Learn it. Health problem? Research it and learn about it from your doctor. Weight lifting? Learn how to do it. There are tons of topics you can learn that will give you more capability to produce more, create more, and continue to interact in this highly technical world.

Don’t fall behind. Embrace change. Embrace new technologies. Embrace learning. All of us should continue to learn new things daily. You have time, turn off the television. You have time; you commute to work. You have time, because learning new things will save you time in the long run. Take one course on Udemy that will provide you with more capability. Typically, you can find a course on sale for about $12 U.S. You can take one lesson in that course a day and it will only require 3-20 minutes of your time.


Well, that’s it for today, folks. I hope all of you have a terrific Wednesday!

Until next time…