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Life can be tough.

One day you’re hanging out with some friends. One of them dies in a car accident.

One day, you hug your husband, kiss him, and say, “I love you.” He dies on a military deployment.

One day your playing with your dog. Then a vet is called to put them down for seizures.

One day you’re celebrating in your home. The next day, it’s burned to the ground.

All of our loved ones, pets, toys are on loan to us.

The only thing you take with you when it’s your time, is the love in your heart.

Enjoy the people in your life. Serve them. Give them everything you have.

Enjoy your pets. Love them like today is their last day.

Enjoy your toys. They will wear out.

Be grateful for even the smallest thing you possess. You’ll leave it behind when you’re gone.

The love you have for them never leaves.

It is love that you take with you.

The love you felt at your birthday.

The love you felt when your dog woke you up to go outside for a pee.

The love you felt when you kissed your wife, your husband, your Mom, your Dad, your son, your daughter, your brother or sister, your boyfriend or girlfriend.

The love you feel when you’re hanging out and just looking at how great that person makes you feel.

Love is the only thing that will never leave.

Love is forever.

Love endures.

Love stays.

Until next time…