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One of the hardest time to be motivated is when I’m sick. Last week, I did most of the things I set out to, but put a lot of it on hold to recover. So, here we are! I’m finally over this cold. I still have remnants of sickness, still blowing the nose and the like, but the difficult part is over. I attribute this to knowing what to do to take care of myself.

The first thing I did was turn off exercise. There’s no sense in it. You go to some popular websites and they talk about driving through, or continuing to exercise, but honestly, it just doesn’t make any sense to me. When you get sick, your whole body is in a war with the virus or bacteria that broke through. I believe the best way to fight this is to go to a doctor (if needed), get the necessary drugs or OTC medicine, get plenty of rest, drink a lot of water, and stick with the regimen of less is better when you’re sick. For me, this works. For others, going to the gym and continuing with their exercise regimen works for them. Enough said.

This week, we’re back on track. Here’s my schedule:

  • Reading daily
  • Working on my Fiction Book daily
  • Exercise (but taking it easy) daily
  • Learning daily (currently taking an MS Publisher course)
  • Coding daily (Python is the language I’m learning)
  • Meditating daily
  • Blogging daily
  • Posting quotes and articles to Social Media daily

This is it for the week, folks. I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Happy Monday!

Until next time…