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It was a great holiday season in 2019. My brother came out for a bit. My Sister came by. It was great having everyone together for the holidays. We had some great food, courtesy Mom, and there were lots of goodies (cookies, candies, etc.).

Now that everyone has left, it’s time to get back to work. It was hard the first day (the 2nd) because I became so used to doing nothing, but what I wanted to do. I find it’s always easiest to ease into the work. Do a little, to refire the habit circuits in the brain and get things moving.

Now I’m on my second day of executing for the new year and still a little rusty, but getting it all back. If you are having some issues with starting the year, do the same thing as I did. Do something, just so you can check it off of your list for the day. The key to getting habits moving again is to do them. Just make them small enough where doing them is easy enough to get to them every day. Read Mini Habits by Stephen Guise for more ideas. Better yet, get his new book Elastic Habits. Both are terrific!

As always, thanks readers for your loyalty over the years. I really appreciate it. This year, I’m opting out of a daily topic area. It was nice to try, but I like the freedom of writing whatever I want to write about without restricting myself to a particular topic area or subject. I think the blog will read better because I will tie some of these articles together as I go. Anyway, that’s it for today, folks!

Until next time…