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Drum roll, please…

As promised, here are my goals for 2020.

My 2020 Goals:

  • Reduce Weight to 200 lbs by year’s end (weigh-in weekly)
  • 365 gym visits
  • Finish Rough Draft of my first Novel
  • Complete 12 Online Courses this year
  • Complete Computer Science Path on Codecademy this year
  • Save 1200.00 by year’s end
  • Finish Yearly Religious Discourse
  • Run 12 book discussions
  • Read 60 books this year
  • Take a personal vacation once per quarter exploring a new town each time
  • Visit the library 52 times this year
  • Follow 200 new blogs this year
  • Attain 800 followers by year’s end
  • Track goals

It will be a great year! I can’t wait to knock this stuff out. Consistency is key. Just doing a little each day can produce huge results.

What are you goals for 2020? I suggest you set a few and make them public like I do. It adds a little more pressure, and it is great how people cheer you on throughout the year once they find out what you’re trying to do.

Send me your list if you’d like or send me a link to your annual goals you post on your blog.

I wish everyone a terrific 2020, filled with love, accomplishment, good health, and success. Let’s Go!!!

Until next time…